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There was only one guy in my life who I had a serious crush on. One day he and I were walking together, and he turns to me and says, “Your the only girl I’m really comfortable with, most girls act like they have crush on me but I know we’re cool.” I didn’t say anything and life went on. I was shocked but I’m glad that I know how he feels and we’re still good friends. Love is great and all but it can also be a huge mistake. Sometimes your better off friendzoned.


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There are three main characters in my fandom: Two are (going by surnames and not the actors’ ethnicities) Italian-American. One is African-American. Guess which one has had the greatest character growth? Guess which one has the smallest fanbase? I love this show but the fandom is racist.


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I’ve been so hungry and so poor that I’ve stolen food from the grocery store. I don’t view stealing food as a crime, but I also don’t make a habit of it. To me, it’s self-preservation. But now that I have enough money, I buy all my food.


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You know what fandom really creeps me out? The South Park Fandom. I’m part of that fandom, and the shipping and fanart seriously scares me.


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My friends are in the doctor who fandom and it scares me that they are willing to give away everything if the doctor ever “showed up”. They speak as if it will happen, that every minute they have a suitcase ready to go.

- Anonymous

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Almost instantaneously the entire Doctor Who fandom alienated me. My parents got together over the show and because of that had every episode that aired in America so as a kid I got to see all of the doctor’s starting with the first. When I tried to get involved in the fandom I got pushed out because “You’re looking up all the info on wikipedia I bet!” “How can the first doctor be your first doctor? You weren’t even alive then.” This isn’t the first fandom to do this and it won’t be the last.


Today I had a falling out with my second brother & can really say blood isn’t thicker than water in my life. I want nothing to do with my family & cannot wait till I never have to see them so much again.


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Years ago,I wanted to grow up and become an actress.I loved acting and I was good at it too. But I was bullied so much about my looks that it literally led me to the point where I`m terrified to be around people,let alone set a foot on a stage. It eventually got violent enough for my parents to homeschool me. I want to go back to school and go back to acting before I graduate next year,but I`m still terrified it`ll all happen to me again. I don`t want to suffer like that again. Should I go back?


Sorry for the delay in replying to this. I got a bit busy in life. 

If there’s any theaters around you, look into if they offer any acting classes. If you go into something like that, you’re going to have people that share a passion with you and that shouldn’t tease you as much as average students would. 

Now, I’m assuming it’s high school you’re in now. You can also look into colleges for the following year with a good acting program. The university I attended was very, very tight knit. Everyone in the department was friendly to each other and helped each other through everything. When you surround yourself with like-minded people, it becomes much easier.

Now, If you really want to go back to regular school before you graduate, then here’s what you need to do. Take a long time thinking about what you really want. If this is truly what you want to do, then surround yourself with stuff to help you make it through everything. Make it your duty to make friends right away to help you through it, and finally make sure you set up a support system, whether it be online friends, parents, counselor, whatever. Keep your head strong and keep your dream close.

I can’t tell you whether you should or shouldn’t, that’s something you have to decide. I do say, look at all your options and go for your dream. There are alternatives past going to public school to get back into acting. 

I would love to see you acting. I’m sure you’re amazing. I hope I can some day see your amazing acting myself.


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Confession: Ever since I found BIGBANG, I’ve never been happier listening to music.


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I love my mother. But sometimes I want her just to be gone so I can openly date and be with my girlfriend without the fear of being disowned or looking like a complete disappointment.